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The Diary of a Madman
The Overwrought Mind
So yet again I have forgotten about this damn journal. I'm gonna try to update more. anyway, its 2007! wtf? thats surreal! I had a pretty decent new years I went out to the bar with my best friend Josh. He ended up bringing a girl home. I didnt. We saw Steven there, he has kind of stopped hanging out with us. I dont know why. They guy is turning into a douce. It sucks because me Josh and Steven used to be the 3 amigos or some shit. Ugh. Oh well. Ok I am late for work, ciao!
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i sent in my application to be a part of this online game about big brother. since i love big brother i thought it would be a good idea. we'll see if i make it. i guess if i do, i'll need to spend more time on livejournal. i created this account so long ago that i forgot i had it. it was a whim based on a conversation i had with a classmate during a break. she had one but says she talks shit about people so much she didn't want to give it to me. i think she hated ali (my ex) a lot, so maybe she thinks i would get annoyed by her comments. i like Ali still, but i could care less if someone talked shit about her.

i went out last night with josh and steven. didn't do much but we did bump into these chicks from josh's old dorm that he used to chill with. one was hot but the other two were kinda dogs. just not my type really. the hot one had a fiancee so that killed that. i've made a vow to stop hitting on chicks who have boyfriends. it's a second nature to me. the fact that i'm going to be a psychiatrist and i don't know why i hit on chicks who are taken is funny. but i guess the best shrinks need shrinks too.

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i just realized today that i never write shit.

i almost forgot i had this bitch.

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